Feeling low, stressed, frustrated, anxious in your workplace, personal life, relationships?

Clarity in my life

we all need a helping hand to get us through difficult times

Life can be challenging, sometimes our lives take directions that we hadn't anticipated.

You want to change but are not sure how.

Hello my name is Carmina and I am here to help!

My tailored life coaching sessions can help you break through that barrier and get back on track with your life.

I am a fully trained and accredited Solution based Counsellor, NLP, EFT, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coaching Practitioner.

Are you are feeling like this?

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed with anxiety

Want to get rid of that bad habit or negative behaviour

Trying to overcome a fear or phobia

Don't know how to deal with relationship problems

Life just doesn't seem to be working out

Feeling worthless and lacking confidence

Just can't get anything done anymore

Work challenges are getting you down

Online therapy that suit your busy life and can be accessed in a space where you feel comfortable.

Finding time in your life just to work on yourself can sometimes feel almost impossible.

But in fact finding that time will help the rest of your life too. Focusing and understanding what you need in your life will benefit everyone around you and bring a new Clarity.

My simple Zoom sessions can be made when and where it suits you, you just find your own quiet space to talk from, whether it’s your living room, kitchen, bedroom, office or even the garden shed

Take action to bring clarity to your life today... Begin with a free 20 minute consultation to see how we get along.

Clarity in my life

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