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NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is a very powerful approach to communication and personal development. 

 NLP techniques gives you greater control over your ability to be your best self leading you to achieve your set goals. You will be able to effectively manage your thoughts and feelings regardless of what the event is in your environment.

 Neuro Linguistic Programming detect and modify unconscious limitations of an individual’s way of seen the world.

You will be in touch with the real power of your mind. 

Through NLP you can Control your language  actions and life.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping or EFT) is the most well known and researched energy psychology method. The latest neuroscience findings show that stress & trauma affect a person’s body-mind system. It combines principles of cognitive & exposure therapy with somatic stimulation.

EFT is often called emotional or psychological acupuncture without the needles and works with the mind, body & emotions in an integrated way. It is effective as a stress management tool and it helps with healing negative past experiences or trauma, stress and anxiety and transforms limiting core beliefs.


Life coach is a partnership with client from the first meeting.

Together they will identify, clarify and create your vision of what you want.

A life coach can help you to use your expertise and modify your goals along the therapy sessions as needed in order to achieve the goals desired.

Life coaches are trained to encourage self-discovery care and protect you, while you grow by applying strategies and plans of action based on what fits best with your life.

We will start with a phone call consultation, free of charge with no obligation of purchase.

During the consultation I will explain how I can assist you with your challenges.

I will also answer any question you might have regarding to the coaching process.

in that way we will know if we can together make the necessary changes happen.

I strongly believe we can because change is possible.

Hypnotherapy, is a form of therapy that lead you into a deeply relaxed state.

Most people after a session feel refreshed and relaxed to use your agreed methods.

This kind of therapy help you towards focusing on your goals.

 It changes unwanted habits gradually and bring you out of the trance-like state.

You will be fully in control when under hypnosis and do not have to take on the therapist’s suggestions if you do not want to.

If necessary, you can bring yourself out of the hypnotic state at any point during the session.

Hypnosis does not work if you do not want to be hypnotised.

Terms & Conditions

Payment can be made via PayPal using your Paypal account or credit / debit card.
Debit and Credit card payments must be made 48 hours before the session.

Discounts are available on session packages when paid in full at the time of booking.
Please ask for details.

Of course there are circumstances when appointments might need to be cancelled and I will endeavour to reschedule your appointment. However to continue to operate and provide essential services to my valued clients, I reserve the right to operate a strict cancellation policy. Appointments cancelled giving less than 48 hours will be charged 50% of the appointment price.

If you fail to show for an appointment without prior notice you will lose your fee.


I reserve the right to cancel any appointments if payment has not been received.

Should I need to cancel your appointment due to unforeseen circumstances I will either reschedule your appointment or offer a refund (pro rata), as agreed between the parties.

You should make every effort to ensure you are on time for your appointments.
If you are running late I politely request you inform me as soon as you can. I will endeavour to  accommodate you, however depending on my schedule I may have to limit the length of the appointment and in such case the payment for the appointment remains payable in full.

The success of all treatments offered are subject to your own commitment to each session.

You need to ensure you arrive or log-in on time and fully cooperate and complete all agreed tasks and action plans. With some treatments like Hypnotherapy and NLP success may be determined by the susceptibility of the client to the treatment, which is outside of our control.

Clarity in my life does not do diagnostics. All private sessions with Clarity in my life are considered ‘coaching’, not therapy. By scheduling this session, you are acknowledging the understanding that you are booking Clarity in my life for a life-coaching session.

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