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During your confidential consultation you can discuss any issues you need help with and I will tell you exactly how I can help. We can discuss which package might suit you best and I can answer any concerns you may have. And of course most importantly you can discover if I am the right therapist for you.

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My Life is unfulfilled

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I will review your goals, explore any obstacles in your way and find or share the exact steps you can take to create the life you desire.

Transformative LIfe coaching

Calm and methodical talking therapy which will enable you to clearly identify the issues that are stopping you move forward and then move on with practical solutions to overcome problems and become the true you.

Clinical HYPnotherapy

Gently accessing your subconscious mind to heal and remove blocks that stop you progressing.

Solution Based Counselling

Focused counselling tailored to resolving the issue you have identified. 

To enable your life to move forward positivelyy.

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT, also known as tapping is a technique related to acupressure where the bodies meridian lines are tapped to relieve both emotional and physical blockages.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

A quick and effective technique for re-programming your mind to overcome fears, habits and self imposed limitations that stop you realising your full potential.

Making Physical Changes to a new you

Some clients are like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. I can also help realise that new you with a new hairstyle and makeover.

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