In your own time and in a place you feel comfortable

Unravelling the things that are blocking your life

I'm feeling so stressed at the moment

I feel anxious and out of control

I'm just overwhelmed these days

I have no confidence anymore

Emotional wounds and triggers are ruling my life

I can't cope with this fear

I can't break this habit

I don't know how to deal with my current relationship

I feel blocked and unable to move forward

I'm trapped in a toxic relationship

Online consultations via Zoom and other Platforms

Online consultations are an accessible and easy way to hold your therapy sessions. You get to choose a place and time that really suits you. Somewhere you can feel calm and relaxed, it’s entirely up to you. Maybe your living room, kitchen, bedroom or office, perhaps even the garden shed. Just find a place that can be quiet and to yourself for a while.

Email WhatsApp Messages support

Confidential and personal support via text or email so you know help is there when you need it.

You're not alone

About your therapy options

Following your initial free consultation I will be able to advise you of the best course of therapy available.

Your own personalised solution can be delivered in a way that suits your life from face to face sessions to Zoom sessions and even text and email support.

I am qualified to provide a range of therapeutic treatments including:–

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Gently accessing your subconscious mind to heal and remove blocks that stop you progressing.

Solution Based Counselling

Gently accessing your subconscious mind to heal and remove blocks that stop you progressing. Designed to break your limiting beliefs and change your unwanted behaviour in order to reach your goals.

Neuro Lingusitic Programming (NLP)

A quick and effective technique for re-programming your mind to overcome fears, habits and self imposed limitations that stop you realising your full potential.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Often referred to as 'Tapping' this is a technique is allied to acupressure and consists of applying a tapping technique onto the bodies meridian points.

A range of packages to suit you

You can stay in control of your Therapeutic sessions and your budget with these simple therapy package options.

Take advantage of your 20 min free consultation


One 80 minute session

I am sure you have heard, “What got you here won’t get you there”

A single session tailored to your needs following the free introductory session. 


🔥Most popular!!!

Four weeks message support

An ideal solution for those who feel they need backup or ongoing support.

During the support period, your text messages will be answered and I will be checking in on your progress regularly with additional advice.



4 x
One hour session

Four therapy sessions either weekly or bi-weekly.

Ideal for dealing with fears and phobias or simply to save money on booking individual session.



6 x
One hour sessions

+ free 30 minute follow-up call

Six weekly or bi-weekly sessions.

A consistent block of therapy sessions to cover working with deep rooted issues. 



8 x
One hour sessions

+ free 30 minute follow-up call

Long term series of weekly or bi-weekly therapeutic sessions. 

These sessions are designed for dealing with long term issues and traumas with a slow path to recovery such as toxic relationships.


Not sure which package is best for you?

Don't worry, during your initial consultation we will discuss package options and which might best suit you.

Request your free 20 minute online consultation here

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